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Towers Rocks had it all!

It’s not very often that you can find a music festival with everything you want. The event is either too expensive, or it only has a few bands that you like, or its not got the right atmosphere for you; there’s so many factors that can make or break your experience. At Towers Rocks this was definitely not the case! It was a weekend of music, sun and fun that really did have it all. As over 1,200 attendees can attest to, the organisers really have thought of everything.

At Towers Rocks there was no greasy, overpriced fast food and beverages; only locally sourced, quality meals that didn’t just keep you going but make you want to keep running back. There was the constant dancing and celebration happening and there are some fantastic musicians who didn’t just recite but lived and breathed the music they presented to enthralled audiences. There were also all the conveniences you wish were at regular festivals such as adequate parking, shuttle services, and staff who are always willing and able to help. Perhaps best of all is the return to community with thousands of dollars returned back to local community groups and a boost to the local economy too festival organisers utilising local providers.

Karyn and Ian Wade-Parker, founders and organisers of Towers Rocks, know what makes a great festival and they put their heart and soul into making Towers Rocks the best boutique music festival around. This year was no exception.
“Towers Rocks 2016 was another fantastic weekend of music and fun. Everyone was really having a great time which added to the overall feel of the festival, everywhere you looked you could see smiles,” said Ian Wade-Parker.

Towers Rocks is an incredible festival that is a true labour of love for Ian and Karyn Wade-Parker.

“We started the Rocks festivals because there really isn’t a whole lot around that caters to over 40’s. You don’t just stop having fun once the clock strikes midnight on your 40th birthday. Over 40’s still love belting out their favourite songs, dancing and grooving with their friends and family, and just getting out and having a weekend away!” said Karryn Wade-Parker.

While the target market is over 40s there was no shortage of all generations being represented at the festival which is a testament to just how great a festival this is. Towers Rocks is just one of several festivals organised by Slydogz Eventz. These groovers and shakers organise other fantastic festivals throughout Australia such as Stanthorpe Rocks and Rocky Rocks. If you would like to find out more information on these festivals or to read about the Slydogz team and how it all came about then head to or

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